Happy Hours Throw Quilt – my true first quilt is finally finished! 

Pattern from the Happy Hour Book from Atkinson Designs. (throw size)

It feels so strange, finishing something that I started back in 2011. I made the top and then just completely lost steam on the project, which was meant to be a gift for Ben. Today I finally was able to bestow it on him, and I must say, that felt really good. Two months ago I truly did not expect to pick this back up, nevermind to finish it so quickly.

It feels like a whole lifetime ago that I chose these fabrics and started putting this together, and I often find myself thinking wow, these are things I never would have chosen, five years later. I love them, don’t get me wrong, and I love this quilt, but I’m ready to be on to my next one, something a little bit more catered to our home now, and the people we are today.

I wish I could tell you what these fabrics are, but I bought them all on a trip to Quilted Threads in Henniker, New Hampshire, and I just didn’t even think to keep track at the time!

I started this so far back that I’m sad to say, I can’t find the pictures from back at the beginning. I will have to dig into the old external drive and see if I can salvage them. Luckily the 6 years ago me was still very dedicated to photo documenting the process, so I know they are there, and it will be kind of cool to look back on them now, knowing what I have learned in just my past few months of quilting.

My biggest challenges with this quilt were the size, and learning to working with the bulk and weight of it. I did everything on my Bernina 930 Record from before I was born, so a lot of rolling was involved to make this work. I had tried a few wavy lines on a test peice and thought wow, that’s easy! I was mistaken. It was not easy, but not entirely unmanageable once I got the hang of it. Once I learned to anticipate the drag a little better I was able to guide it through the machine in a more fluid way. If you look closely enough (I hope nobody ever does) you can see where I had to make a few sharpish turns to get back on track.

The freeform straight lines were more fun. I had seen this on another quilt in my perusal of Pinterest, and the clumps of less-than-straight lines really appealed to me. Funny how time consuming it is to run that many lines back and forth across a quilt. Overall, I think I probably did around 5-6 hours of machine quilting. This might just be because I’m slow too, hopefully that will improve over time!

My helpers trying to hold the quilt up for a photo.
This is what swing sets are for, right?
It is a great quilt for a good book and a cuddle 🙂
Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’…because I’m that girl who quotes Limp Biskit on her quilting blog.
They say your 30s are the best years of your life – my sewing machine seems to agree.
Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk it out…


Until next time, may your lines be wonky and your wine glass stay full…



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