Veiled in Bachelorette Splendor! An adventure in handmade and not too tacky bridal veils

Let me be honest here, I don’t have many girlfriends. Part of it is my natural hardened New Englander affinity towards being an introvert, part of it was the boy-craziness of my early twenties, and a small teensy part of it might be because I’m kind of a B.

Somehow through all of this I have retained my core group, and plus I have my sisters, who are the best girlfriends you can ever have.

As is the way of my cluttered universe, 3 of these lovely women decided to get married last summer, all within weeks of each other! It was a crazy and wonderful whirlwind, and I loved it, and out of that craziness came a few crafting events. The first one was personalized veils for their bachelorette parties.

Each one had its own little personality to match the personality of the human upon whom it would perch (unnecessarily complicated sentence, but I refuse to take it back). It was a blast picking out fun tulle and flowers and feathers to embellish them, I was in crafting heaven!

The first bachelorette weekend was for Lexy, my best friend since the 8th grade, who is a bohemian at heart, and has worn feathers ever since I have known her. Feather jewelry has always been a wardrobe staple for this goddess, so I figured I would craft something fitting!

Next was Molly, my dear friend since childhood and now, as luck would have it, my sister-in-law! Molly has never been one to fear a splash of color, so she got to be pretty in pink for her special night out! So much fun tulle to choose from and so little time, so for her I did a layer of plain pink and a layer with some sparkle!

And last but certainly not least, my favorite older sister, who grudgingly wore a classic white flowered veil that I made for her, despite wanting to fly below the radar. The last person to want to draw attention to herself, I commend her for sucking it up and wearing this veil, which she 100% only wore to appease the guilt trip I was laying on thick. Still, she looked beautiful in it and I’m glad that she did!


These were so much fun to make and I’m so glad that I did, they were simple and also didn’t have to be perfect because, well, aren’t bachelorette parties usually trainwrecks anyway?

Thank you to all of three of these beautiful brides for making me a part of their specials days (and pre-wedding celebrations), I truly did love every second of it!



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  1. Mary says:

    So much fun!


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