I finally finished a quilt!!

Easy triangle quilt (and scrap taggie)

About five years ago I started my first quilt, for my boyfriend (who is now my husband), even though my mother said doing so was bad luck. I love me a good “old wives tale” as much as anyone, but I felt like I was on safe soil with this one, he was a keeper. Still, life got busy, and after I finished piecing the top, the project was abandoned for other things.

Now here we are in 2017, and my best friend Lexy is having her first child!!! I couldn’t be more excited for her, and wanted to put together something special and meaningful to this little girl, as well as to us and our (what feels like) lifelong friendship. For my shower – I can’t believe that was already almost 3 years ago! – so many people gave me handmade things that I adored. Lexy crocheted a blanket for my daughter Reagan that she loves to this day, and I wanted to reciprocate the personal touch that comes with a handmade gift. I don’t crochet though, nor do I knit, and here I was with a sewing machine collecting dust in my basement, what perfect timing to start fresh on my ambition to finish a quilt myself.

I started shopping for fabrics, hauled up the 930, and got ready to embark on this adventure.

I decided on this pattern:Quick Triangles Baby Quilt

It was easy to follow the instructions and it looked so cute! Plus, she pretty much had me at the word “quick.” At this point I had about two and a half weeks to get this done, with a full time job and a weekend of traveling to Vermont in between. Had I not made 537 little mistakes on the way, who knows, maybe I could have completed this in three days, but of course I was determined to strike out on my own and try to lean less on my Mom. I love her, but I know for a fact that I absorb information better by figuring it out myself rather than having all of the answers available to me with a quick text or call. Don’t worry, I asked her for plenty of advice, but sometimes you just need to:

1)do something wrong for a bit, being happily ignorant of why it is taking so damn long.

2)figure out why it is wrong, either by coincidence or by googling because you can’t ignore that nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right.

3) feel the inner shame of being such a complete and utter imbicile in the first place.

4)go forward knowing the why of doing it correctly.

Let’s just say that my next quilt should go much faster when I am not sewing on HALF SPEED THE WHOLE TIME!!!!  I mean, isn’t it just logic that a half-turn would be half speed, and a full turn would be full-speed?? Apparently not, in Bernina land.

Here is the end result, not perfect, but I feel like it was gift-worthy. Note to self: Cuddle-fleece is a PAIN IN THE A$$ to use as backing fabric. Still, will I continue to use it for every baby quilt I ever make because it feels amazing? Absolutely. Next time I’m spray basting though, so that maybe I will end up with a little bit less puckering around the edges. Also, fray check before binding would be an excellent idea for all to consider, this stuff sheds like a cat, I think I will be finding gray fuzz everywhere until the end of time.


Fabrics I used for this project:
Rose Gold Arrow Apparel Fabric – border
Prisma Elements Marble Shadow Metallic – binding
Quilter’s Showcase Cotton Fabric 44”-Arrows on Navy
Blush and gold arrow fabric
Joel Dewberry Wander Native Pink
Yoga is for Everyone Poses and Words Blue
Also I found a couple of the prints that I used at this lovely shop I found in Cambridge called Gather Here, which didn’t have a huge selection, but just happened to have everything I wanted- and more!
Carousel in Blush
Michael Miller Sarah Jane Magic Metallic Magic Folk Navy

Taggie from the scraps

I had some fabric left over from the quilt so I threw together a taggie really quick the day before the shower. I had picked up a bunch of fun ribbon on sale at Hobby Lobby for this purpose, so I’m glad I had time to pull it together!

I cut (4)  5.5″ squares and paired them up right-sides together, drew a line across the diagonal, and sewed two seams 1/4″ away from the line on each side, then used my rotary blade to cut down the line. I then pressed the seams open and sewed each of the resulting squares together into one larger block. I sewed in a couple of ribbon pieces here as well.

From there I took a 1/4 yard of flannel that I had purchased accidentally (I thought I had selected the cotton – oops!), cut (3) 2.5″ strips of that, and cut one of those in half. I attached the short pieces to top and bottom, and then the longer pieces to the sides to create the border.

When all was said and done I think I ended up with something like a 12″ square once I cut it down. I then cut a 12″ piece of the same cuddle fleece I had used for the quilt backing (will I never learn?!?) , and between them I layered an 11″ square of insul-fleece that I had left over from another project, it makes for the perfect crinkly noise that babies love! I stitched on either side of the seams that made up the inner square to make it match up to the straight line quilting I had done on the quilt. From there all I had to do was fold over the edges, adding the ribbons every few inches, pin it, and stitch around the outside! In hindsight I may have done that last part differently, but it came out okay. Yet again, the cuddle fleece just really wants to slip out of the shape you want it in, no matter how much you pin it. If I do it differently in future (I have a few more to make) I will be sure to post about it.

That’s all for me for now! Looking forward to posting about my real first quilt (you know, the one that would have cursed my relationship if I had finished it before we were married), which I basted this weekend and can’t wait to start quilting! Right now though, catching up on sleep and doing my taxes are the top priorities.

Until next time!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gillian says:

    Pretty darn good for your very first quilt. Such a pretty, personal gift!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coco says:

    Looks beautiful!! For a first quilt it looks really great. I have never made one; it looks too hard. Maybe you have given me some inspiration to try it. I have SO MUCH scrap. But mostly I am mystified by those little clippies. Are they way more expensive than pins? It looks so much faster than pinning!


    1. They are pretty expensive but I waited for a good coupon from Jo-Ann’s and used a 60% off for it! Totally worth it, I used them for basting the quilt, but now they have come in handy for several other things already! Plus they are flat on the bottom so you can just press on them and slide them right out, super easy! And less stressful for Reagan to get a hold of.


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